Creepy, Crawly or Chic: Three Easy Halloween Cakes

Creepy, Crawly or Chic: Three Easy Halloween Cakes

Need a fun dessert for your Halloween party? You can easily make a festive cake that is as silly, spooky or stylish as you want. It’s all about starting with the right cake pan.

Little goblins will love a slithery snake or a scary spider. For grownups at a fancy dress party, an elegant tower cake will suit All Hallows’ Eve.

Creepy Snake

Bundt cake pans are the trick for making this Halloween treat. If you’re expecting a crowd, this will feed plenty of party-goers.

  • Using cake mixes, or your favorite recipe, bake at least two Bundt cakes. You can make more, depending on how long you want the snake to be. Let cool.
  • Cover a plank, at least 10 inches wide and as long as you need, with aluminum foil. You can also use fabric in Halloween colors; just thumbtack it down in back.
  • Cut the Bundt cakes into half-circles. Place the halves on the board, reversing the four half-circles together so that the cut ends meet and form a long S shape for your snake. Trim the cake a bit at the ends to form a tapering head and tail.
  • Frost with chocolate frosting, or purple frosting with green or orange stripes. Add candy eyes to the head. Cut a long, red or green forked tongue out of strawberry or green apple fruit roll.

Crawly Spider

For a smaller party, make a fun spider cake for the little kids or the big kids. Use a domed or hemisphere cake pan. Tip: You can use a big stainless steel or oven-safe glass mixing bowl to bake a domed cake.

  • Using cake mix, or your favorite recipe, bake an 8” domed cake Reserve a bit of the batter and bake one cupcake also. Let cool.
  • Place the cake on a large pedestal cake plate. Place the cupcake against the cake as the spider’s head. Frost the cake and cupcake with dark chocolate frosting. Sprinkle with chocolate sprinkles or mini chocolate chips for that creepy “fuzzy spider” look.
  • Insert 8 pieces of black licorice, four on a side, for the legs. Curl the legs down a bit. Add candy eyes to the head, and vampire teeth, if desired. Using party-store webs, or white silly string, add spider webs coming down from the edge of cake plate to your table.

Chic Tower

For a dressed-up adult party, you can make an eerily elegant tower cake for a sophisticated touch. Using tall, straight-sided cake pans creates that upscale bakery look.

  • First step – prepare the topper. Find a small branch from outside, about 4-5” tall, that looks like a tree when held upright. Paint it silver. Also find a black party-favor-size bat.
  • Using cake mixes, or your favorite recipe, prepare batter for two cakes. Prepare two tall, straight-sided cake pans. One pan should be smaller than the other, such as a 6” round and an 8” round. Tint batter for the larger pan orange, and tint the batter for the smaller pan purple. Fill the pans, bake and cool.
  • Place the larger cake on top of a 10” round black paper doily on a silver or white pedestal cake plate. Frost with icing tinted purple. Place smaller cake on top, and frost with icing tinted orange. Tip: Use a turntable and an icing spatula to get the frosting as smooth as possible.
  • Sprinkle silver edible cake glitter into spiral patterns on the cakes. Put aluminum foil around the base of your silver “tree” and insert in top of orange cake so that it stands up straight. Place the single bat in the branches.

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