5 Tips for Kitchen Spring Cleaning

Your day starts in the kitchen. As you wait for the coffeemaker to work its morning magic, your sleepy gaze probably falls on those things you’ve been meaning to clean. Sometime soon.

So what better place to begin your spring cleaning? Walking into a shiny, fresh smelling kitchen – and knowing these chores are checked off the list – is bound to give your mornings a boost!

Using simple, natural ingredients is a great way to get started. Most of them are in your kitchen already: water, vinegar, baking soda…always handy. Grab a moment, a clean cloth, and those ingredients and get ‘er done.

Grind the Garbage Disposal Clean

There‘s one natural ingredient that’s great for freshening your garbage disposal, and it won’t cost a thing. Ice! Pour a cup of ice cubes into the disposal and turn it on. Chunks of chopped ice will scour the sides, sharpen the blades and help break down grease deposits. For a fresh finishing touch, once the ice has melted, cut a lemon in half and feed it to the disposal, too.

Freshen the Kitchen Trash Can

Speaking of garbage, even though you use trash bags, the kitchen trash can sure gets dirty. Give it a quick scrub with disinfectant wipes. Line the bottom with newspaper or paper towels to catch spills and make the next cleaning easier. Recycle used softener sheets as deodorizers by placing them in the bottom of the can before you replace the trash bag.

Let the Dishwasher Wash Itself

Your dishes may be coming out clean, but the dishwasher needs a gentle scrub once in a while, too. For the best results, it’s a two-step process. Pour one cup of vinegar into the empty dishwasher and run it on the hottest water cycle. When done, sprinkle a cup of baking soda around the bottom of the dishwasher and run it again.

Dive into the Refrigerator

The thought of taking everything out often keeps you from cleaning the refrigerator, but it really doesn’t take that long. Apply a paste of baking soda and water to stains; let sit a few minutes and wipe clean. Warm water is best for wiping down the fridge. Avoid using bleach; the less chemicals the better, especially in there.

Make the Sink Sparkle

If you get a sinking feeling looking at your stained porcelain sink, try this: mix ½ cup borax powder and ¼ cup fresh lemon juice into a paste. Rub the paste onto stains with a sponge, wait a minute or two, scrub and rinse.

For stainless steel sinks, scour with baking soda, then rinse with vinegar and again with water. Rub all over with inside of an orange or lemon peel. Wipe entire sink dry with a paper towel. Then, to seal the deal, burnish all over with a paper towel dipped in a tiny bit of olive oil.

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