5 Ways to Welcome Guests for the Holidays

Whether you’re hosting a festive cocktail party or getting visitors settled in for an overnight stay, holidays are a good time to make guests feel especially welcome. Little things can make a big difference!

  • Chalk up a good first impression

    For a party, write a festive chalkboard message and place it on a plate stand or small easel frame on a table by the door. Delight overnight guests with “Welcome, (name)” written on a little chalkboard placed on the bedside table. Include a small bottle of water, a flower in a bud vase and a sweet treat.

  • Remember food preferences

    Inquire ahead about food preferences, such as allergies, vegetarian and vegan options for guests. Keep notes in a little party book if needed.

  • Play holiday DJ

    Plan ahead and put together a playlist of well-loved seasonal classics and fun new songs for a party. Remember to have the music going before guests arrive – it’s easy to miss turning it on in the rush of getting ready.

  • Go over the top

    Nothing says it’s time to celebrate like a fabulous dessert! Make guests feel special with several decadent confections in a beautiful presentation. Bring out (or borrow) the best china, silver and crystal to glam it up.

  • Be your own best guest

    As the host, you set the tone… So take a deep breath and have fun. Come out of the kitchen and dance a bit to the great music you put together. Introduce guests that don’t know each other to get conversations started. Then you can dance back into the kitchen and check on the dinner!

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