6 Easy Beer and Appetizer Pairings for Your Homegate

Gathering at home to watch the game can be more relaxing then tailgating and fighting crowds. Recliner or hard stadium seats – you choose! When deciding on food, use this guide to help you select appetizers that go great with different beers. Offering a variety of beers to your guests will definitely be appreciated, and here’s your chance to use the fancy glassware that typically just gathers dust.

Sour and Belgian style beers are deliciously tart, made by incorporating carefully chosen strains of wild yeast into the brewing process. Pair these kinds of beer with deli-prepared wings and blue cheese for minimal effort, maximum delicious. Try serving this beer in a flute or tulip glass.

For folks in your life who have a sweet tooth, pair a stout or dark beer with dark chocolate truffles. Pre-made chocolate croissants are tasty too – just warm in oven before guests arrive. Stout beers are dark but not too heavy, and there are so many kinds within this category. Try something new! Serve in a goblet for extra intrigue.

The hoppy bitterness of English style pale ales pair beautifully with lush, creamy Brie. Set out the warmed wheel of cheese accompanied by several kinds of specialty crackers. For English pale ales, choose a nonic pint glass – one with the curved lip or bubble near the top.

IPAs (India pale ales) being nice and hoppy are the common thread within the wider selection. Choose one favorite and one new one. Pair these kinds of beers with a veggie and cucumber dill dip. A large, pre-made tray or two will add color and freshness to your pre-gaming. Serve IPAs in a snifter, goblet or oversized wine glass.

Luscious caramel-hued Amber or red ales tend to be more malty than they are hoppy. Pair with the simplest party appetizer: shrimp cocktail. It’s cold, light and tasty. We suggest using deveined and tailless shrimp for a neater buffet area. Serve the beer in a flute glass, tulip pint or a mug.

Oktoberfest beers are dark, bold and can have higher alcohol content compared to other kinds of beers, though not all do. This beer will pair well with any kind of aged, semi-hard cheese. When you go shopping, take some time to really explore the specialty cheese section and pick out a few interesting varieties of Gruyere, Gouda, cheddar or Swiss. Simply serve on a cheese board and let guests tour the flavors. As for the beer, pour into in a good ole’ fashioned stein.

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