Baked Pretzel Bar

The fresh-baked aroma of soft pretzels comforts us all. For your next gathering, offer party guests something unique – a pretzel bar! Choose premade dips to simplify the project, or take it a step further by getting creative with these simple recipes.

Easy as Adding to the Cart!

Cheese dip(s)
Honey mustard (sweet indulgence for mustard lovers)
Stone-ground or whole-grain mustard (sophisticated, textured and bold)
Spinach-artichoke dip

Whip Up At Home

Here are three simple combinations you can whip up in a few minutes for homemade flavor! Simply mix together: horseradish sauce and mustard; Sriracha and mayo; and chopped sun dried tomatoes, bacon bits and mayo.

Ready for more? The two easy combos below merely require mixing the components into melted butter. To make garlic chive butter sauce, mince chives, garlic (or garlic scapes!) and add to butter. For pretzel lovers who want to try a sweeter dipping sauce, mix cinnamon and sugar granules into the butter. You could also have a separate bowl of coarse sugar crystals to sprinkle on top, mimicking the standard, coarse salted pretzel look.

Make Your Own Cheese Dip

Use Sharp Cheddar cheese to make a zippy dip from scratch. Once you see how simple making cheese dip can be, you may never go back!

You’ll Need: Milk Flour Cheese Jalapeño Saucepan Whisk

Directions: Shred ⅔ cup cheese, mince the jalapeño and set both aside. Warm 2 cups milk in a saucepan on medium heat, stirring to prevent scorching. Whisk in 3 tablespoons of flour until smooth. Turn to low heat. Slowly stir in the cheese and add jalapeños.

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