Fall Fruit Trios

Late summer and early fall bring a crop of fruit that fits just about any dish – sweet and savory alike. Pick up these seasonal fruit trios to make your produce shopping easy.

Three Ways to Savory

Fruit-veggie combos too often go overlooked at dinner – meat, starch and veg, and you're done, right? Not always. Add fruit that’s in season to your savory dishes and create an experience, not just a meal. This autumn, try savory dishes that include Bosc or Anjou pears, fresh cranberries and tangy Barbados cherries – each on their own or in combination with one another.

Duck, poultry and pork go beautifully with fruit! Here are three ways to do it:

  • Combine pears and cranberries in a compote to serve alongside sautéed duck breasts.
  • Slow-cook pork loin on a bed of sliced Anjou pears.
  • Combine cherries and rosemary in a stock-based sauce to spoon over thick-cut pork chops. Cherries also work magic when added to a reduced port-wine sauce for spooning over beef tenderloin.

Fresh cherries and cranberries play very well with grains like quinoa, wild rice, bulgur, farro and black rice. Sauté cherries and cranberries to concentrate their flavor, and add them to the grain while hot. Next, incorporate a secondary ingredient – such as avocado, walnuts or roasted vegetables – and finish with complementary herbs.

Out-of-Season Desserts

Instead of finding recipes that call for fall fruits, create your own signature desserts by using fall fruits in recipes that call for out-of-season fruit. See what grapes, quince and date plums do for your traditional pies, cakes and other baked goods.

For example, grapes are berries, but not often thought of as such. So take you favorite berry tart recipe – or cobbler, crumble or crisp – and substitute red and green seedless grapes. You don't have to limit the dessert to grapes; add any late-season berries you find. Also try grapes in pies and muffins.

Quince have a small presence in the dessert pantheon, but you can make it larger by putting them anywhere you would apples and pears. Classic apple or pear recipes, such as tarte tatin and apple pie, take on a tasty new dimension with quince.

Date plums, so named for their flavor, can be used anywhere you'd use dates or plums. Try date plums in clafoutis, sorbet, meringue pies and tarts.


You can preserve any fall fruit by drying or incorporating it in jam, jelly and confiture. But the combination of passion fruit, pomegranate and key limes is a truly unique, delicious one. Make jam with passion fruit and pomegranate for a taste of the exotic anytime of year. Preserve key limes in salt, or use their juice in jelly and dry the zest.

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