Celebrate Friendship on Valentine’s Day

Friends stand by you through thick and thin, through all the ups and downs and through falling in and out of love. What better time than infamous mid-February to get together and celebrate some of your most enduring relationships…your friends.

Host a Love My Friends party and let everyone know you care. Friends let friends be themselves. So make it an “anything goes” evening. Incorporate all the fun contrasts you can with the theme, the drinks and the food.

Casual & Elegant Theme

Mix it up! Start off the night of contrasts with both casual and elegant elements.

  • Let the dress code be known - it’s fancy and formal, or colorful pajamas. All up to the guests. Break out the jewels or the fuzzy slippers (or both).
  • Pink and red can still be the dominant colors, but contrast them with lime green and teal accents.
  • Mix and match the buffet table décor. Pair a white lace or pink tablecloth with a burlap runner. Bring out pieces of your best china to stand alongside colorful paper plates.
  • Pink tulips signify happiness, confidence, friendship and caring – perfect! Find casual galvanized metal containers to hold the elegant tulips.
  • Create a home DJ mix of smooth big band love songs with funky pop break-up hits. Drinking game idea: bottoms up every time someone sings the word love!

Fun & Festive Drinks

Keep the casual and elegant theme going with playful twists on champagne cocktails.

  • Have a lively mimosa bar, with unusual juices like pomegranate, pear, apricot and pineapple. Create your own signature drinks for the evening and have a naming contest.
  • Roll the rims of glasses in water or lemon juice and roll in pink sugar. Display them on a silver tray.
  • Add pink cotton candy to champagne glasses, pour champagne over it and float a fluff of cotton candy on top.
  • Pour champagne over raspberry sorbet in a martini glass.
  • Make ice cubes out of pink lemonade and cranberry juice for pink and red accents.

Sweet & Spicy Food

Friends like to pitch in and help, so go potluck buffet for the food. Let the contrast of sweet and spicy rule the day. Assign each guest a sweet or spicy appetizer or dessert option and give them these idea starters.

  • Sweet Appetizers: Chilled strawberry soup is a great starter (serve in shot glasses), and is a glorious pink to boot. Sweet and sour meatballs or sweet potato fries are easy to make.
  • Spicy Appetizers: Turn up the heat with shrimp and Sriracha sauce, jerk chicken skewers, curried sausage or cayenne-garlic hummus with veggies.
  • Sweet Desserts: Break out the ice cream sundae fixings and hot fudge. It’s Valentine’s Day, after all.
  • Spicy Desserts: Chopped jalapeno added to oatmeal cookies, shortbread or heart-shaped blondie bars is a surprisingly tasty combo. Or cut the bottom of strawberries flat to help them stand up, cut a cross in the tops, stuff with cream cheese and drizzle with a little jalapeno jelly. Amazing!

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