Get Your Game On, While the Game’s On

It’s all about basketball this time of year. When your family and friends get together to watch March Madness on TV, keep the party going with a little home-court action. Commercial breaks and halftime are much more fun this way!

Back2Back Basketball

What You Need: One basketball, a small round laundry basket and dance music.

Put the laundry basket in the middle of the room and have guests pair up. One pair at a time stands back to back, with the basketball between them. Turn on the dance music. They have to dance around the basket once, keeping the ball between their backs, then maneuver themselves over the basket and drop the ball right into it. Pairs take turns, and first pair to score three baskets wins.

Indoor Around the World

What You Need: One toy ball (foam is best) and five small wastebaskets (dollar store items are great for this).

Wastebaskets are placed around the room (make it as tough as you want) and each guest takes a turn standing in the center of the room and throwing the ball into each of the baskets. One try each. First person to make all the shots in a row is the winner.

No-Hands Passing

What You Need: One basketball and a timing device.

Guests sit in a tight circle, touching their neighbors, with legs extended to middle of the circle. Place the basketball on one person’s lap. The objective is to move the ball around the circle as quickly as possible, lap to lap, without using hands. With one group, see how much you can better your time each round. Add variations like doing a round in one direction, and then the other direction. If you have enough for two groups, take turns and compete for the best time.

Fight Song Free Throw

What You Need: One basketball and access to team fight songs (internet makes it easy).

This is just like musical chairs. One guest, with back to group, controls the music. Play the fight songs of the two universities in the game. Toss the basketball around while the music is playing. If you’re holding the basketball when the music stops, you’re out. Last person with the ball wins.

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