Get to Know Mountain Stream Specialty Foods

Your produce selections are about to get wild, thanks to Mountain Stream Specialty Foods. That’s because owners John D’Alelio and Trevor DeWispelaere have a passion for delivering the freshest, most flavorful wild foods to their Customers, for the best forest-to-table service!

Referring to themselves as “a small local family of hunters and gatherers in the middle of Olympia,” Mountain Stream’s mushroom hunters forage the forests of the Pacific Northwest to find lots of different varieties of wild mushrooms for you to enjoy – handpicked and high quality. They also practice sustainable harvesting techniques, which include cutting as opposed to pulling, and leaving 20-30% of each crop to ensure regrowth.

It’s Mountain Stream’s mission to make people aware of the health benefits of this friendly fungus, along with delicious ways to serve them up. Need a tip? They suggest adding morel mushrooms to cream sauces, porcini to soups and broths, and chanterelle to steak and chicken.

Look for in-season varieties of their mushrooms in-store today! And to keep up with Mountain Stream and get tips for creating delicious mushroom meals, follow them on Facebook.

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