Getting to Know: Tillamook • Tillamook, OR

Holy cow! There’s a lot to love about this farmer-owned dairy co-op. For starters, their delicious food is crafted from real ingredients and fresh Oregon milk. And they find new ways to reduce their carbon footprint every day.

A Rich Heritage

"Tillamook" is a Native American word for "Land of Many Waters." And it’s true: Tillamook has 5 rivers, 5 bays and borders the Pacific Ocean!

The first settlers arrived in Tillamook in the 1850s, recognizing that the resources and climate were ideal for dairy farming. Cows love nutritious grass, grass loves rain, and rain loves the Tillamook Valley!

In 1909, a series of small creameries joined forces to form the Tillamook County Creamery Association and produce official Tillamook Cheese. This farmer-owned co-op ensured high quality in all their dairy products from that day forward. Today, nearly 100 farmer families make up the co-op, with a deep-rooted pride in the quality of Tillamook products.

Sustainable Farming Practices

Tillamook believes that conserving natural resources is the right thing to do for the world and for their business. That’s why they reduce, recover and reuse water in all their operations. They’re also reducing their carbon footprint through improved transportation practices, and they’re continually improving their energy use.

Plus, they’re finding ways to turn things that used to be considered "waste" into valuable assets! For example, whey was once a waste product of making cheese, but it’s now a useful ingredient in baby formula, nutrition bars, candy bars and other products. In 2014, Tillamook produced 8.2 million pounds of whey powder for sale and reuse.

The Tillamook Difference

Real food to make you feel good…that’s how Tillamook does dairy right. When you shop for Tillamook products, you’ll know you’re getting a natural product made with high standards and values. That’s because Tillamook farmers are committed to providing the best-quality dairy products every single day.

Sound tasty? Be sure to keep an eye out for Tillamook’s products in-store, like their award-winning cheese and creamy Farmstyle Greek Yogurt.

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