Giving Thanks for Bosc Pears

Giving Thanks for Bosc Pears

The Bosc pear, with its beautiful shape, lovely color shadings and delicious flavor, is the ideal Washington highlight for Thanksgiving decorations and festive menus.

A signature fruit in the Northwest, where the climate and soil suit them perfectly, Bosc pears are harvested in the fall, just in time to grace your holiday table. Their long, curved stem and elegant silhouette are perfect for a decorator’s eye. Make an artistic statement and support your local growers with the enchanting Bosc pear.

  • A single, perfect Bosc pear with a golden nametag tied to the stem with gold cord will create a beautiful place card for each table setting.
  • Bosc pears and red apples make a stylish centerpiece when paired with walnuts and greenery in a golden bowl.
  • The unique red, gold and green shading of the Bosc pear is called russeting. Your tablecloth and napkins can mirror the rich colors, or use simple white or cream as a neutral backdrop to let the natural beauty of the pears stand out.
  • Pears are delicious with fine cheeses as indulgent appetizers. Layer fresh, sliced pears and brie over toasted baguette slices. Heat just until brie melts and drizzle with honey and balsamic vinegar.
  • The firm, dense flesh of the Bosc pear is ideal for poaching. For an elegant dessert, serve pears poached in a spiced brandy sauce and topped with crème fraiche. Or try whole pears poached in cranberry juice and drizzled with dark chocolate.

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