Stylish & Spooky Halloween Tables

Give your Halloween table a fresh update – it’s time to change the pumpkin palette! Eye-catching and unique presentations go beyond the usual orange and black. For a formal evening or a casual gathering, you can set the scene for a hauntingly good time. White and white or blue and silver schemes can send delighted shivers up the spine of unsuspecting guests. They’ll be talking about it for ages.

White and White for Formal

Go with ghostly elegance in all-white for a dressed-up Halloween gathering.

For your centerpiece, a white pumpkin is simply stunning on a white marble board. Add height with a white candle in a white candle holder. To glam it up even more, paint the pumpkin stem white, drape strings of pearls around the pumpkin, and add white camellias in a white vase or bowl.

If you’re lucky enough to have a white marble cutting board, pastry board or cheese board, give it a good scrub and make it the star of your Halloween table. If you don’t already have a marble board, here’s a thrifty tip: check your local home supply store for solid marble tiles, or ask at your local stone countertop dealer for marble pieces and scraps, such as the sink cutouts. Sometimes they’ll even give them away free.

White pumpkins come in mini sizes, too; one variety is the charmingly-named “Baby Boo” pumpkin. Bring out your white trays and cake stands to display mini white pumpkins with tea lights inside. They’re easy to hollow out, and you can cut small designs in the shells, or just prick them all over to let out the light. You can also use the mini pumpkins as bowls for dips or wrapped candies.

Blue and Silver for Casual

Blue is opposite orange on the color wheel, making it a great choice for a Halloween change-up. Why not go with cool, clammy blue for atmosphere?

The pumpkin and squash families will indeed cooperate. Look for Jarrahdale pumpkins and blue hubbard squash. They both come in a variety of blue hues, from a silvery gray-blue to a dusky, purplish blue-green, with smooth skins or appropriately creepy gnarled, rough skins. For a spooky Halloween, the more gnarled the better.

Drape your table with a blue-gray tablecloth, and find all your silver dishes, candlesticks, and accessories. Midnight blue candles are just right. Line up your blue pumpkins and squash (hubbards can be big) down the center of the table. Swirl inexpensive silver beads and chains around them. A few feet of heavy-duty chain looks great with extra-gnarly blue pumpkins.

Spray bare branches with blue-gray and silver paint and arrange them in clear vases. Add “spider webs” to the branches by pulling bits of fiber fill into threads. Turn down the lights, turn up some eerie music, and if all this hasn’t chilled your appetite yet, it’s time to eat.

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