How to Reveal Your Inner Holiday

December is filled with more than the usual “to do” list. Things you actually have to do compete with the things you want to accomplish to celebrate the holidays in the proper spirit. However, there are still only 24 hours in a day.

There are indeed simple ways to recharge your energies or enjoy a special indulgence during the holidays without finding additional time or canceling something else. You can add a refreshing transformation to everyday routines by simply using an indulgent new product or try aromatherapy to add serenity when you need it. You can even take a moment to enhance your work area to make holiday tasks more fun.

Turn Your Shower into a Spa Break

Natural vanilla, lavender or lemongrass soap bars and body wash can turn your morning around and inspire loud singing in the shower. Break into Jingle Bells! Portland’s own Pacifica® makes a Mexican cocoa soap with hints of almond and cinnamon for a sweet start to the day.

One with Nature® features a body bar made with camel milk and frankincense – perfect for the season. For an energizing scrub, Sappo Hill® in Ashland, Oregon creates small batch, kettle-made glycerine crème oatmeal soaps with and without fragrance that indulge your skin with creamy luxury.

For the bathtub, packets of Aura Cacia® Chamomile, Cedarwood or Ylang Ylang foam bath create a soothing tranquility to make the most of those relaxing moments. To moisturize after your shower or bath and add a healthy glow, Dr. Hauschka® features all-natural botanical skin and face creams.

Take Advantage of Aromatherapy

The season does have its traditional, familiar scents, like fresh pine and fir in the house, sugar cookies baking and spiced potpourris. You can also curate your own aromatherapy with essential oils that come to the holiday rescue.

As Aura Cacia® says, pure and botanical ingredients can unlock nature’s ability to improve our well-being. Essential oils are distilled or extracted from flowers, leaves, resins, bark, roots, seeds and fruit. Reap the benefits by inhaling a little from small bottles of oil, or use diffusers, candle lamps or vaporizers to infuse the scent in a room.

Essential oils can be soothing or energizing. For a sense of calm, Aura Cacia® supplies Frankincense, Lavender and Roman Chamomile oils. For energizing and uplifting oils, try Rosemary, Vanilla, Sweet Orange or Lime.

Set the Stage for Holiday Tasks

Too often holiday carols are only heard when rushing from one place to another – in the mall, the car or the supermarket. When it’s time to address cards, wrap gifts or unpack ornaments, remember the power of music to relax and soothe.

Before you start a task, take a moment to put on the right music, like one of those holiday CDs from ages ago that you never got around to opening. Or just put on a holiday classics channel. Light a fragrant Sandalwood or French Lilac soy candle - Pacifica® has a collection of soy candles with exotic scents.

Assemble what you need on a small table or card table placed by your decorated tree or fireplace (and leave it there - no need to keep clearing the dining room table), and enjoy the music, the candle light and the season. While getting the work done!

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