Making Mimosa Magic

If you’re hosting an Easter brunch, you’ll want to keep the beverages fresh and fun as well. Consider the mimosa: a simple combination of orange juice and Champagne (usually 1:1) and sometimes a splash of Grand Marnier. What better cocktail to offer as you gather friends and family together on Easter morning? A mimosa bar is just the thing!

You’ll want a separate table for this DIY drink station. Make it as fancy or funky as you like with your choice of tablecloth, glassware (Champagne flutes – plastic or glass – are the best choice for a mimosa, though other cocktail glasses work, too) and garnish dishes. Offering fun stir sticks is also a good call. Finally, if you don’t mind cleaning up confetti, go ahead and sprinkle brightly colored glittery confetti on the tablecloth for an extra touch of sparkle and whimsy.

Place bottles of Champagne (or other sparklers such as cava or prosecco) in an ice-filled beverage tub. Set out another beverage tub filled with ice and chilled sparkling water for those who don’t drink alcohol. Also on the table: glass carafes of chilled orange juice. Be sure to have more juice in the refrigerator for quick and easy refills. If you’re including Grand Marnier in your recipe, be sure to have a small pitcher (or serve directly from the bottle) of this spirit on the table, too.

Next up is the many garnishes that will make yours a Mimosa Bar Extraordinaire. Fill small glass bowls with cut-up fruits. Think pineapple cubes, orange and/or grapefruit segments, blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, melon cubes, pomegranate seeds, kiwi slices – the more the merrier. Keep extras on hand in the refrigerator as you may need to refill these bowls mid-brunch. A spoon or fork in each will make it easy for guests to transfer their choice fruits to the bottom of their glasses, then build a mimosa around it.

Finally, you’ll want to give your guests a guide for creating their drinks. A funky chalkboard or even a whiteboard works well as signage for beverage-building instructions. List your mimosa recipe in numbered steps, finishing with “Cheers and Enjoy!”

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