Q&A: Ocean Beauty Seafood • Seattle, WA

If you’re looking for a fresh catch for dinner tonight, we know just the people. Seattle-based Ocean Beauty Seafood brings only the finest fish, crabs and more to our Seafood department at Main & Vine. But there’s more to the story than just pulling in a net. We had a chance to catch up and learn all about their business, their approach to sustainability and how they give back to Alaskan communities.

When was Ocean Beauty started?

Ocean Beauty began in 1910 as a store on the Seattle waterfront. Back then it was called The Washington Fish and Oyster Company. It opened a seafood processing plant in Alaska in the 1930s and in 1954 it became the first seafood company to portion and vacuum pack Alaskan seafood steaks and fillets for the United States.

From where do you source your seafood?

Wild caught Alaska fishing season is throughout the summer. Our shrimp meat (tiny shrimp used in salads and spreads) are fished in Oregon. Our ground fish (rockfish, dover, sole, pacific cod, etc.) is produced in Washington and Canada. Dungeness and other species of crabs are harvested along the Washington, Oregon and California coastlines from November to March.

Seafood is a huge part of Alaska’s economy. We understand you help to give back at a local level there.

Yes, that’s right. Ocean Beauty Seafoods is 50% owned by the Bristol Bay Economic Development Corporation. The BBEDC’s mission is to promote economic growth and opportunities to residents of 17 communities in Alaska, by offering employment opportunities (internships, vocational programs, seasonal employment), educational opportunities (scholarships, college development funds, salmon camp, student loan forgiveness programs) and community programs. The BBEDC also ensures that its fishing partners’ practices are sustainable, with a sophisticated quota management system and regulations to minimize bycatch.

What does sustainability mean to you?

Sustainability to us means supporting our human communities by producing food from sustainable sources in a way that is at maximum harmony with the natural environment, so that future generations can rely on high quality seafood. In addition to being the right thing to do, sourcing from sustainable sources is the only way to ensure continuity of supply.

In an effort to reduce our carbon footprint, Ocean Beauty recently switched from using plastic foam containers to recyclable lined fiber boxes to transport hundreds of thousands of pounds of fresh Alaskan salmon to the lower 48 states.

Thanks for talking with us!

The many fine catches from Ocean Beauty are available in-store year round!

See what Ocean Beauty is up to at OceanBeauty.com, or find them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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