Q&A: Pacific Coast

What’s in a name? For the Pacific Coast Fruit Company, their name says it all. Since 1977, they’ve been a family-owned business dedicated to providing Pacific Northwest Customers like you with the best produce. We caught up with them for the freshest scoop on their local fruit and veggies.

Tell us your story.

Pacific Coast Fruit Company is a local, second generation family-owned produce distributor that has proudly served our Pacific Northwest retail, wholesale and food service customers since 1977. We’re one of the largest independent produce distributors in the Northwest with distribution warehouses in Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington. We also have a state-of-the-art Fresh Cut processing facility specializing in local and organic kitchen processing for prepared food needs. However, we haven’t forgotten our roots! We continue to support the local growers that make the Pacific Northwest an exciting region for fruit and vegetable cultivation.

How do you help out in your local community?

Each year we participate in Project Community Care, a program that helps improve and clean up the buildings and grounds of local schools.

We heard you’re doing a lot to help protect the environment! What are you focusing on?

Our waste management program includes recycling office paper, waxed corrugated cardboard, pallet wood, hard plastic, plastic wrap and metal. In addition, our Pacific Coast Fruit Cattle Farmer Program supplies local cattle farmers with produce off-cuts from our Fresh Cut produce processing and repack facilities for high quality animal feed. The rest of our organic waste goes into a composting program. Annually, we divert more than 450 tons of organic waste that would otherwise go into traditional waste streams. That’s 22,500 boxes of apples, enough to fill 21 semi-trucks!

With the aid of REC Solar, Pacific Coast Fruit Company has installed a 9.6 kW photovoltaic solar array on the northwest corner of our roof. The system is large enough to power three average-size homes, and the clean power generated lessens our reliance on sources of electricity.

Finally, the Pacific Coast Fruit Company’s transportation division is continually implementing new technologies and strategies to do more, while at the same time reducing our overall fuel consumption. Our entire fleet of over 60 vehicles runs on biodiesel and all vehicles are tracked via GPS to minimize the total miles and trucks necessary to service our Customers on time. The system also tracks accurate miles per gallon data, which helps determine the best driver and vehicle operating practices and raises the overall miles per gallon for the fleet. In addition, we haul refrigerated food products for other companies which helps reduce the overall number of trucks on the road.

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