Q&A: Precept Wine

As the Northwest’s largest family-owned wine company, Precept Wine has some guiding principles that have led them to become successful trailblazers. One of their principles states that “wine reflects the people who make it.” So, we sat down with them to uncover just that…the wine, the people behind it and more!

Tell us a little bit about yourselves.

Seattle-based Precept Wine is the largest privately held wine producer in the Pacific Northwest and a top 15 American wine producer. Andrew Browne and Dan Baty launched our company in 2003 after previously working together. Based on mutual trust and years of success in the industry, by 2002 they began conceiving of a Northwest-focused wine company, founded upon Andrew’s vision of wines that over-deliver on price, backed by local estates, and a unique educational and hospitality platform.

With deep roots representing 30 years of investment in the wine industry, and a focus on the Northwest, Precept Wine owns and operates more than 4,500 acres of vineyards across Washington, Idaho, Oregon and New Mexico. We own such leading wine brands as Waterbrook, Gruet, Canoe Ridge Vineyard, Ste. Chapelle, HOUSE Wine, Browne Family Vineyards, Pendulum, Primarius, Washington Hills, Shingleback and Red Knot, plus tasting rooms and hospitality throughout the Northwest. Our company’s wineries have garnered more than 600 combined Best Buys and critical scores exceeding 90 points.

What types of awards and recognition have you received?

Precept Wine has been lauded by the wine industry for three consecutive years with the Impact’s Hot Prospect brand award. In 2015, we were awarded four Hot Prospect awards for domestic wine brands including Waterbrook, Canoe Ridge Vineyard, HOUSE Box and an innovation brand, Radius.

Any fun or interesting facts about your business?

Precept Wine focuses on emerging American wine regions, such as Idaho, Oregon, Washington and New Mexico. As a culture, from the farmers in the field, to the artisans in the winery, to the folks in the Seattle corporate office, we are fast, funny, quirky and one of the hardest-working companies.

Tell us about your environmentally responsible efforts.

We have a robust conservation program in our vineyards and wineries including:

  • Use of drip irrigation for continued efficiency and conservation
  • Use of environmentally friendly pest control agents
  • Employee training on water conservation practices
  • Repurposing leftover grape pomace for fertilizer and livestock feed

Be sure to look for Precept Wine’s delicious brands in-store! You can also keep up with Precept Wines on Facebook, and on Twitter @PreceptWine.

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