Q&A: San Juan Salsa

Hot, hot, hot! Or mild, medium and Afterburner (if you dare). Whichever you choose, San Juan Salsa has a fresh selection of flavorful salsas comin’ your way, and we caught up with them to get their story.

What's your history?

San Juan Salsa Co. began in a resident kitchen in Friday Harbor on San Juan Island. In the late 1980s, one of the current partners purchased the “spicy” salsa company. They started with four flavorful salsas that satisfied all taste buds from mild to hot, including a traditional or “uncooked” variety. After a little fine tuning, the new salsa makers got the recipes just right, except that they were told the “hot was not hot enough.” Not wanting to disappoint, they soon brought their hottest salsa, Afterburner, to the market.

Alas, what is great salsa without great tortilla chips to dip in it? So the search for the perfect chip started. Our original chip was our All Natural Tortilla Chip. This yellow corn triangle-shaped chip was a hit. We expanded to add a round shape of our yellow corn and finished out our chip line with our exclusive White Corn Sesame Seed Chip. This white corn variety has toasted sesame seeds to give it a unique nutty flavor.

Today, the four partners of San Juan Salsa Co. continue to prepare top quality, freshly made salsas from our kitchen in Arlington, WA. We strive to make salsas that are delicious, nutritious and delivered fresh to your local grocer. San Juan Salsa Co. salsas and tortilla chips are available in Washington and Oregon. As a proud island native, we gladly service Bainbridge, Whidbey, Camano and San Juan Islands. As always, our salsas and tortilla chips are all natural, gluten-free, made with non-GMO ingredients and contain no trans fats.

How do you give back to the community?

We peel all of our tomato juice cans so that we can donate the “Labels for Education” to our local elementary and middle schools. Plus, we direct deliver our salsas in reusable totes and provide a return credit to our bulk customers for our gallon containers so we can reuse them. Finally, we provide gift baskets for local community fundraisers, and donate a portion of our sales to the OSO Landslide Fund.

Any interesting or fun facts about your salsa and chips?

All our salsas are made by our partner Aaron, who personally inspects all the ingredients!

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