Q&A: Seattle Pickle Co.

The pickles from Seattle Pickle Co. are Northwest perfection! They’re handmade by “combining and brining” the freshest local ingredients, for a taste that captures the Pacific Northwest in a jar. We caught up with owner and founder Christopher Coburn to learn a little more about his pickle passion.

How did you get started pickling?

Growing up in Seattle’s Queen Anne neighborhood, my family would can and jam the harvest that we picked from the local farms in the region. Our goal at Seattle Pickle Co., and the reason for starting the company, is to share that experience with the growing “non-native” population - through our pickles and pickled products. We want to promote local farms through our partnerships and be a leader in the “locavore” movement. We hand-make all our pickles locally, just like I made with my family, and we work with local farms so that the customer can truly understand the origin of their food.

Tell us a little more about your partnerships with local farms.

This past 2015 growing season, we partnered with several farms, most notably Oxbow Farm in Carnation. They’re an amazing nonprofit, certified organic farm, and we produced a co-branded pickled beet product together. Through this partnership we purchased beets from the farm, pickled and packaged them, then sold them back to the farm. They took those beets and sold them through their CSA and to stores, providing another revenue stream in the offseason that they didn’t have before.

This next growing season, we’ll partner with Oxbow again, as well as with Seattle Tilth (Auburn), Schuh Farms (Mt. Vernon) and Cha Farms (Snohomish) to duplicate that model and create an ecosystem that benefits all parties.

We’ve heard you make more than just pickles….

Yep, our Bloody Mary Mix recently received 4.5 out of 5 celery stalks on the Drunken Tomato Bloody Mary Blog!

Anything else you’d like to share?

We hand-make all of our pickle products and do not use preservatives, dyes or other artificial ingredients. We do this by packing everything within 24 hours of getting the produce from the farms. When packed fresh, there is no need for artificial ingredients.

Thanks so much!

Be sure to check out Seattle Pickle Co. in-store, and follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @SeattlePickleCo.

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