SolTerra and the Living Wall

When you walk into our Gig Harbor Main & Vine, you can’t miss our living wall – a 75-square-foot vertical garden in the shape of our iconic ampersand! Our living wall was created by SolTerra, one of the largest installers of living walls and green roofs in the Pacific Northwest.

SolTerra’s living walls aren’t just beautiful art installations – they’re also a way to bring nature into the store in a healthy way. Living walls provide oxygen, absorb carbon dioxide and keep the air fresh (and Customers like you happy!). And who doesn’t like to see a little splash of leafy greenness on the walls while you’re shopping?

The Main & Vine living wall contains four plant varietals, for a total of 240 plantings. It stretches 12 feet tall and contains 120 pounds of soil. Every plant has its own pocket in a unique material that allows the plants to share water and nutrients. Instead of 240 separate plants, the wall becomes one huge vertical ecosystem. The entire installation is monitored remotely by a smartphone-friendly system, so we know that every plant is getting just the right amount of water and light.

From start to finish, designing the living wall took less than three months. The actual installation only took three days, finishing just before the Main & Vine grand opening! Our living wall is truly something you have to see yourself. Come on in, take a look and breathe deep…that’s the smell of nature hard at work!

You can learn more about SolTerra at, and on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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