Q&A: Spiceologist • Spokane, WA

Who turned up the heat? Pete Taylor and Heather Scholten did when they created Spiceologist. We caught up with these trailblazers to learn more about the brand that’s spicing things up.

What's Spiceologist all about?

Off-the-wall flavor innovation and ultra-premium ingredients. Each rub is great for grilling, but can be used in everyday cooking.

How did Spiceologist come to life?

Pete has over 15 years experience as an executive chef. Heather is a food blogger, graphic designer and photographer. We mixed our talents together and created Spiceologist. In 2012, we won the first-ever Startup Weekend in Spokane…and the rest is history!

Since it’s grilling season, what’s your go-to rub?

It’s hard to pick just one, so we’ll give you 2. Black and Bleu™ combines Cajun blackening rub and bleu cheese powder…it’s delicious on beef, chicken and salmon. And sprinkle a little Greek Freak on your veggies before grilling. The mix of dried herbs, sundried tomatoes and orange peel powder will have you saying “opa!”

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