Tulips, Lilies & Pompons, Oh My!

Cupcakes and flower bouquets are two indulgences that never seem to go out of style. Why not bring these two timeless treats together in a classy (nonedible) decorating piece?

Building “cupcakes” from classic spring blooms such as tulips, lilies and pompons is a creative and delightful way to spin the more traditional flower bouquet. Though specific directions are given below, feel free to make this arrangement your own. You can make each “cupcake” from one type of flower or mix things up and fill each cupcake holder with any combination of tulips, lilies and pompons.


  • Sharp knife (serrated kitchen knife or floral knives work well)
  • Wet floral foam rounds or spheres
  • Cupcake liners (silicone work best as they are sturdier than paper liners)
  • Bunches of tulips, lilies and pompons
  • Tiered cupcake display


  1. Cut foam to fit cupcake liners exactly or with about ½” extending over top of holder; soak foam pieces in water as directed on package.
  2. Insert one piece of foam into each cupcake liner.
  3. Cut all but 3 or so inches of stem from your flowers (cutting some slightly shorter and some longer will add visual contrast to your display). Gently poke flowers into foam (using knife to poke holes if necessary), arranging as desired. Blooms can be inserted straight up and down, or horizontally if you’ve cut the foam to fit just above the top of the liner. Play around with height, color and texture to make your display pop!
  4. Place “cupcakes” on tiered display, mixing and matching flower varieties on each tier.

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