Upcycle Your Holiday Gift Wrapping

The joy of giving and receiving graces everyone with a happy glow at the holidays. Add to the fun and make your gift stand out with creative gift-wrapping that reduces, reuses and recycles to maximize impact and minimum waste. Here’s how:

  • Stitch it up

    Paper grocery bags can always supply the brown craft paper look, you can add a warm, homespun touch with just a needle and some thread. Cut the paper you need from the bag, and wrap loosely around a boxed gift. Without tape, mark the top corners of the box on the paper, then remove. Using thin yarn or thick embroidery floss, stitch in a colorful To/From message, a holiday greeting or fun designs into the paper where the top will go.

  • Shine it on

    Aluminum foil is handy when you want a silvery gleam for a small boxed gift. Dress it up further by using a glue stick to draw swirls on the foil on top of the wrapped gift, then sprinkle silver glitter over the glue and let dry. You can also get into the spirit of holiday upcycling by turning clean, foil-lined potato chip bags inside out for wrapping as well!

  • Travel to faraway places

    Resurrect those old paper maps lying in a drawer. Unfold, press out and wrap around boxed gifts.

  • Add a cozy touch

    Fabric is terrific for any odd-shaped gift. If it’s kitchen-related, use a tea towel. You can also look for flannel holiday sheets or woven tablecloths on the clearance racks…a great source of inexpensive fabric!

  • Hug a bottle

    Have an old cable knit sweater that’s developed holes? Cut off the sleeves, then cut each sleeve into two pieces. Turn each piece inside out, sew the bottom of the tube shut and turn it back right side out. Insert a bottle of wine and roll down the top edge. Boom! Four cozy, wintry wine gift holders. Just add a tag and you’re set.

  • Stick to easy solutions

    If you’re wrapping a boxed gift in plain white paper or plain white tissue, grab some clear shipping tape. Turn a long piece over, sticky side up, and sprinkle a bit of silver glitter, gold glitter or colored confetti all along the sticky tape. Leave enough room so that it still has some “stick.” Turn over and wrap around the package. Instant colorful ribbon!

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